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The Metro Senior Men's Soccer League - soccer games in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Many former Dalhousie and Saint Marys players
MSMSL.Com » Schedule January 30th, 2015
Metro Senior Men's Soccer League - Official Schedule
Schedule by Competition:
Schedule by Team:
Time Away Team Home Team Field
Monday January 5
11:00pm HSL Halifax OZG Chester Merchants Indoor Field #4 @ SNS
Friday January 23
11:00pm Clippers HCU Masters Indoor Field #2 @ SNS
Sunday January 25
8:00pm Storm SC Masters Bluenose United Indoor Field #1 @ SNS
Tuesday January 27
11:00pm Sacktown AC Viet FC Indoor Field #1 @ SNS
Wednesday January 28
11:00pm Darkside City Halifax All Blacks Indoor Field #2 @ SNS
9:00pm HCU Masters HCU Balding Eagles Indoor Field #1 @ SNS
9:00pm Alumitech Halifax Convoy FC Indoor Field #2 @ SNS
9:00pm Viet FC DU Rangers Indoor Field #3 @ SNS
10:00pm Assante Hydrostone FC Darkside United Indoor Field #2 @ SNS
11:00pm Barons FC Bedford Titans Indoor Field #2 @ SNS
Saturday January 31
9:00pm Alumitech Schooners Halifax City Celtic Indoor Field #1 @ SNS
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