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MSMSL.Com October 23rd, 2014
Metro Senior Men's Soccer League - Official Website
Welcome to the official website of the MSMSL. Using the menu above, you can view schedules and statistics, view game reports and scores for recently completed games, get information about the league and its teams, or just browse the photos in the gallery.
There are no games scheduled for today.

Bakolias, Alex
1. Bakolias, Alex. Halifax All Blacks 2
2. Brannon, Matt. Athens United 2
3. Carroll, Dominic. Halifax All Blacks 2
4. Lefebvre, Travis. Barons FC 2
5. Mather, Pat. Athens United 2

Website Rosters Update
Just a quick note to advise that there are some rosters that are showing last winter's info - please continue to be patient as these will all be resolved by the weekend. An update will be put on the website when all is complete and at that time you will be asked to review y...
Banquet Ticket Sales
We will be selling banquet tickets for next Saturday's banquet tomorrow (Monday) Sept 29, 2014 at East Side Mario's in Bayer Lake (in the bar area). From 8PM to 10PM. Teams that have not picked up their tickets can do so at this time. Teams not able to make the tic...

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